Bird of the Month - October 2006

Cigua Palmera (Dulus dominicus)

Name in English: Palmchat

Name in French: Oiseaux Palmiste, Zouazo Palmis

The Palmchat is endemic to the island of Hispaniola and nearby Île de la Gonâve and Isla Saona. Is a noisy and conspicuous bird, easily seen in flocks in treetops throughout the island.






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Two juvenile Palmchats begging for food from a parent. Note brighter bills and darker colored irises of juveniles compared to adult.

Palmchat Bird of the Month contributed by Kate Wallace, Eladio Fernandez, and Steve Latta

The Palmchat is a very special bird because it is the only member of its family (Dulidae) and genus. Its taxonomy is disputed, but the family appears to be more closely related to the waxwings (Bombycillidae) than to other passerines. Owing to its unique taxonomic status, the Palmchat is the National Bird of the Dominican Republic.

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